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2U ABS Rack Case

Manufactured from lightweight ABS material, the protective Protex ABS rack cases utilise a high density shell with a heavy duty aluminium extrusion to ensure outstanding protection for many years of use. All models feature a contemporary finish that is easy to clean and maintain, and are designed to hold everything from amps, processors, radio microphones, and more! These versatile, lightweight, rugged transport cases provide robust protection for your gear and are ideal for musicians, DJs and rental companies. The case design features moulded-in structural bracing; this design characteristic also enables them to be stacked to conserve valuable space with a 'lock-in-place' design to ensure the cases stays securely in place whilst in transit.
ABS construction with aluminium edge extrusion, Integral front and rear industry standard 19'' rails, Long life, low maintenance, road proof construction, Stackable design, Removable front and rear lids, 2 surface mounted handles, Industrial quality butterfly clips, Gasket sealed lids for maximum protection against the ingress of dust and moisture, Supplied with rack mounting screws
  • Lid depth: 60mm
  • Internal depth (without lids): 415mm
  • Internal depth (with lids): 535mm
  • External: 165 x 550 x 580mm
  • Weight: 4.2kg

PVP: 91.51€

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